Dried Ladhaki Apricot

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Benefits Of Ladhaki Apricot :

  • These apricots from Ladakh is the most common fruit of the Ladakh province in Northern India. Their vibrant orangish red colours, sweet and sour taste make them special in their own way. They have velvety skin and flesh, not too juicy but definitely sweet and smooth. They are free from cholesterol and saturated fats. These apricots are treated with sulphur dioxide in compliance with FDA standards, so as to maintain their colour and shelf life.


  • The dietary fibre in the fruit improves the digestive system, which helps to increase the digestive system metabolism.

  • Apricots are highly beneficial for our ophthalmic health. Being rich in vitamin A, with carotene and lutein, it helps prolong vision in people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa. It also delays loss of peripheral vision.

  • Apricots strengthen the bones as they are packed with both calcium and potassium.

  • The combination of vitamin A, C and phytonutrients, present in Ladakhi apricots are considered very good for the skin.

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